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Baptist Relief Agency Africa (BARAA)

BARAA Homepage This link opens in a new tab/window. BARAA is a faith-based consortium of 16 churches in Kenya working to improve lives through health, education, and community development programs. Since 2002, BARAA has focused its efforts on alleviating the burdens of HIV, and in
2007, officially established itself as a nongovernmental organization to scale-up HIV services throughout the country.

BARAA responds to the tremendous need that HIV has created in the most hard-to-reach areas of Kenya, through the below services:

  • Counseling and testing via member clinics,
  • Door-to-door community outreach and referral network support,
  • HIV prevention education during church sermons,
  • Specialized programs for married couples and youth to break down stereotypes,
  • Established support program for orphans and other vulnerable children, which includes psychosocial support, health care services, education and nutrition assistance, caregivers, and HIV prevention education.

BARAA supports more than 250 congregations in four regions and considers itself a national church response to HIV.

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