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Matibabu Foundation

Matibabu web screenshot This link opens in a new tab/window. Matibabu is a home-grown community initiative working in Western Kenya that provides health and community support services, which enable rural, hard-to-reach, and vulnerable communities to be responsible for their own health. Matibabu’s goal is to create a healthy, productive, and prosperous society.

Deeply rooted in the community, Matibabu operates two health facilities in Ukwala and Nzoia, in Nyanza Province, and also provides broad community outreach to the more than 180,000 inhabitants of the rural district. Alongside health care, education programmes, civic education, and initiatives to support rural development are also undertaken.

Read more about TA-NPI’s work with Matibabu and watch several videos highlighting the impact of the support on the provision of services to the community.