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Kumkum Amin (MBA, MFA)

Kumkum AminKumkum Amin has been a full time employee of JSI since 1992, holding technical positions on projects covering a wide span of public health issues including HIV/AIDS, maternal and reproductive health, family planning, child health, health reform, and social franchising. Before joining the TA-NPI team as project director, Kumkum served as senior advisor based at JSI's headquarters in Boston supporting projects in Liberia and Uganda. Prior to this she was director for Community Mobilization & Marketing on JSI's West Bank/Gaza Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Project (Hanan).

Kumkum has extensive experience in senior level management and consulting in the public, non-profit, and private sectors and has taught strategic marketing at the schools of public health at Harvard University and Boston University, as well as Market Research at the Suffolk University School of Management. Her specialties include strategy development, design and analysis of qualitative and quantitative market research, social marketing, communications, business planning, organizational capacity building, and training. Kumkum has an MBA from Yale University and an MFA in Writing from Vermont College.

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Mounia Msefer (BSc, MBA)

Mounia MseferMounia is the deputy director for TA-NPI with over 18 years of experience in the organizational and financial management of US Government funded programs. Her international experience includes the design of business processes and systems for effective program management; the development of program budgeting and monitoring tools for informed decision making; as well as the development of training curriculums for finance, USG compliance, and sub-partner management. Her breath of experience in grant and contract management was used to support NGOs through technical assistance visits, customized trainings, and financial assessments. Mounia holds an MBA in Finance and Strategy and is fluent in both English and French.

As part of the NPI program, Mounia facilitated Round II and III Launch workshop sessions around compliance, finance and operations. She also participated in the development of the Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) tool as well as the assessment itself for selected partners.

Prior to joining TA-NPI, Mounia held various project management positions. As the director of finance for JSIís International Division, she oversaw the financial management of a large portfolio of international health projects in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. She also led the Finance & Operations teams on a number of US government funded projects.

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Shelemo Shawula Kachara (MD, MPH)

Shelemo Shawula.Dr. Shawula is a medical doctor and an experienced public health practitioner with more than 12 years combined experience at the national and international level. With his many years experience in health services delivery and quality management, human resources for health, designing and applications of HMIS/M&E systems and tools, governance and health care financing, Dr. Shawula’s core competencies are in health systems assessment and development. He also has a comparable breadth in planning and managing maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support services, organizational development, capacity building and technical assistance to government and non-government organizations in Eastern and Southern Africa.

As organizational development (OD) specialist for TA-NPI, Dr. Shawula uses his health systems strengthening experiences to lead and facilitate organizational capacity assessments and plan of actions for organizational development, provides OD support to NGOs, community- and faith-based organizations in areas of NGO governance and succession planning, human resource management, and policy development, strategic planning and change management, supportive supervision, and quality improvement. Dr. Shawula has travelled extensively to support organizations in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa. He has applied performance improvement concepts and principles to design and facilitate quality improvement training. NPI partners have highly appreciated the simplicity and practical nature of this training as it has effectively combined the quality of HIV/AIDS technical interventions and organizational management. He has also co-facilitated trainings in HRM, supportive supervision, and monitoring and evaluation.

Before coming to the TA-NPI project, Dr. Shawula was a health systems performance improvement advisor for a USAID-funded child survival and health systems strengthening bilateral project in Ethiopia. Dr. Shawula also served at various levels of the health system in Ethiopia, including Team Leader of health services delivery and quality in SNNP Regional Health Bureau, Head of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office (HAPCO), and a medical practitioner and director of a regional referral hospital.

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Geoffrey Mulindwa Rwabaingi (MD, MPH)

Geoffrey Rwabaingi Photo Geoffrey is the HIV/AIDS program specialist for TA-NPI where he supports grantee technical departments and their sub-grantees in improving the delivery, utilization, and quality of HIV/AIDS prevention and care services. Geoffrey is a medical doctor and public health specialist in the area of program management and health systems development, with years of experience in scale-up of antiretroviral access, TB/HIV integration, palliative care and support, capacity building, and community health promotion.

At TA-NPI, Geoffrey has led teams that have assessed the technical capacities of PEPFAR-funded faith-based and community-based indigenous organizations in seven African countries, to deliver quality prevention, care, and support services. The findings from the technical capacity assessments have guided the teams to offer technical assistance (TA) in the form of developing/reviewing prevention curricula, designing tailored tools in support supervision, and developing training packages in quality improvement, client engagement, and referrals and linkages. Other forms of technical assistance offered to grantees has been guiding grantee program implementation based on up-to-date in country epidemiological and care studies. Geoffrey has participated in State of-the-Art (SOTA) meetings for the USG partners where the most promising practices in HIV technical areas are incorporated into programs. Geoffrey has also been a host mentor to a CDC-Makerere School of Public Health fellow in health management. Geoffrey loves to share his free time with his family, following up recent advances in science, progressive current affairs, and occasionally plays lawn tennis.

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Apollo Semirembe (BCom, ACIS, MBA)

Apollo Semirembe. Apollo is the United States Government (USG) Compliance Specialist with 20 years of experience in accounting, procurement, compliance, administration, and financial management.
Since 2009, Apollo has been stationed at the TANPI project head office supporting NPI grantees to develop, implement, and strengthen USG compliant financial, procurement, and administrative systems. This has been done through technical support visits and customized trainings, and continuous remote support.

Apollo managed a pre-audit review of procurement documentation to ensure grantee systems were compliant with USG regulations, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAPs), and national legislation for the various grantees. This resulted in the grantees having fully-documented and approved USG compliant procedure manuals and fewer questioned costs.

In addition, Apollo has participated in the strategic planning process of various partners, which guided them in aligning their annual budgets and workplans to their long-term objectives.

Apollo has actively participated in supporting the round 2 partners in closing out their awards, which ended in mid-2011, through a general training and close follow-up.

Apollo has also participated in the review, reorganisation, and change management of the corporate support services of CCBRT, a grantee based in Tanzania, which has resulted in more efficient and effective administrative services.

Prior to joining TA-NPI, Apollo was Financial Controller for 11 years of the Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC), the then leading provider of ART in Uganda. Before joining JCRC, he was project accountant with Action Aid Uganda for three years. He holds an MBA from the Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute (ESAMI), is a Chartered Secretary of the ICSA, and also a paralegal.

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Mariam Namwanje Lutakome (BSc, FCCA)

Mariam Lutakome.Mariam Lutakome is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants with more than 14 years experience in finance, grants, and contracts management with civil society organizations at the community, national, and international levels. Mariam has been exposed to major donor rules and regulations e.g. EU, SIDA, CIDA, USG, and DFID. She holds a BSc. from Makerere University, and is currently pursuing an MBA at Edinburg School of Business-Herriot Watt University.

At TA-NPI, Mariam works as the finance management specialist and her role ensures that the NPI partners have sound financial, administration, and sub-partner management systems to manage their resources, adopt best practices, and comply with their national regulations as well as CDC/HRSA funding requirements. Mariam has worked with NPI partners in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Mozambique, Tanzania, Ethiopia and South Africa through technical support visits, trainings ensuring that the support is customized to the size and capacity of the partners. At one level some partners have been supported to establish systems from scratch and at another level partners were supported to customize their systems for compliance purposes. Mariam has also worked with partners in the area of sub-grantee management which was a new area for most of the prime partners. Through the sub-grantee management training and technical assistance visits, partners were able to improve their partnership management approaches, relationships, and support supervision.

Prior to joining TA-NPI, Mariam worked as finance/grants manager for the EU-Civil Society Capacity Building Programme, which supported actions aimed at promoting an inclusive and empowered society in Uganda through strengthening the capacities of local communities and CSOs for social accountability and participatory poverty resource monitoring, as well as strengthening downward accountability performance of local governments. She also worked as grants accountant for the Human Rights Fund that evolved into the present day Independent Development Fund.

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Rhoda Mwondha (BSc)

Rhoda Mwondha.Rhoda Mwondha is a quality, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) specialist with 11 years of experience in providing support in establishing/strengthening M&E systems to generate information for decision-making, conducting specialized assessments/evaluations, documentation of best practices, and capacity building through customized trainings, mentoring, supportive supervision, and hands-on support.

Under TA-NPI, Rhoda has supported partners in establishing/strengthening M&E systems through the development of M&E plans that include development of data collection tools, analysis and utilization of information for management to monitor and evaluate progress and impact of programs, reporting through the PEPFAR New Generation Indicators, and linking partners to other in-country stakeholders.

Rhoda has also conducted technical capacity assessments for NPI partners to assess their readiness and protocols for effective management and implementation of different HIV/AIDS interventions. Action plans have been developed which guided the technical assistance provided. As a result of support provided, partners have established M&E systems that generate information for decision-making e.g. Matibabu Foundation, Western Kenya, after receiving information from its monitoring system about Jigger infestation sourced for funding to support that community working with the district line department. Partners have used the M&E systems as proof of management capacity to secure awards from the Global Fund as sub-recipients. Partners also now have HIV/AIDS interventions with a continuum of care, which has also improved collaboration, linkages, and networking with both government and NGO stakeholders. This has also enable the partners to link to the national systems, like HIV and AIDS testing and counseling systems in Kenya.

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Caroline Mboijana (BSc, MA)

C:\Documents and Settings\Carol_2\My Documents\My Pictures\Carol Passport photo 2011.jpg Caroline Mboijana is a human resource executive with more than 10 years of comprehensive human resources experience including change management, group dynamic management, and human resource planning. She possesses vast human resource knowledge in the corporate and NGO sectors within multi-cultural and multi-country environments. Caroline holds a B.Sc. in computer and business studies and an MA in human resources management from the University of Westminster, England.

Caroline is the human resources manager for the JSI/NPI Projects, NuPITA and TA-NPI. As part of the technical assistance team Caroline supports HRM services to the internal structure of the projects as well as providing external HRM support to the partners under the NPI program.
Under her support, partners have been able to tailor HRM practices to meet their unique organizational needs as well as ensuring that they comply with their respective national laws. The role has highlighted the importance of developing HR systems that are simple, practical, and structured, and help guide day-to-day HR needs and also help partners think about the continued stability and sustainability of the organization. Caroline has helped organizations understand the role of HR through the development and facilitation of human resources management trainings and site visits. Caroline’s contribution to strengthening partner HR systems includes the facilitation of strategic planning process that allowed partners to review their achievements and milestones, but more importantly clearly define where they want to be in their community as well contributing to the national platform in the fight against HIV/AIDS. In addition, Caroline’s support and technical assistance has included tailor-made systems and documentation design, conducting quality HRM needs assessments and audits, and ensuring that action points are implemented and followed through by the partner.

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Prossy Kakeeto (BCom)

Prossy Kakeeto.Prossy Nabiryo is a financial accountant with 11 years of experience. Prossy’s previous experience in the development sector includes the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture as Head of Accounts and with JSI-DELIVER & SCMS projects as the accountant. Prossy holds a masters degree in Management.

On the JSI TA-NPI project, Prossy has been responsible for the accurate management of efficient accounting systems, and making sure that all transactions are supported by sufficient documentation to demonstrate compliance with CDC and HHS contractual obligations. Prossy has worked with and provided technical support to the internal administration team ensuring that procurement is planned and conducted in accordance with project policy and in compliance with USG/PEPFAR requirements. Prossy’s strength on the NPI program has been the accurate and timely reporting and submission of field accounts to JSI-Boston.

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Deborah Alibu (BComm, ACCA)

Deborah Alibu photo

Deborah is the finance and administration manager for TA-NPI, and is an ACCA with audit and accounting experience for more than 15 years. Her most recent role was the finance and accounting manager for Mildmay Uganda and so she has experience with PEPFAR and CDC, as well an appreciation of our commitment to good service delivery to our grantees. Related to this, Deborah took a leading role conducting several grant audits with the USAID (World Learning, Inc) under Coopers and Lybrand Accountants, among other multilateral donor agreements.

Deborah is based at the TA-NPI head office in Kampala and is responsible for the implementation and management of all the organizations’ internal finance systems as well as the accurate budget monitoring and reporting between Boston, the grantees, and project headquarters. Deborah has an added interest in environment conservation and is exploring forest farming in her leisure time.

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Sarah Murungi (MA)

Sarah Murungi staff photoSarah Murungi is a development practitioner with more than 10 years of experience in managing organizations and programs focused on education, HIV and AIDS, reproductive health, and OVCs. She has been involved in both organizational and technical capacity building for NGOs and government departments focused on governance, human resources management, organizational management, and program management.

As an organizational development specialist for TA-NPI, Sarah has designed and delivered trainings for NGO boards and senior management teams that clarified roles and empowered them to effectively manage their organizations. Using the appreciative inquiry model, Sarah has facilitated strategic planning sessions for six of the NPI partners, which has helped them discover their history, core competencies, map their vision and mission, and agree on the future of their organizations by identifying strategic directions ad initiatives. The partners experience with this model has been described as unique, exciting, and full of self discovery, and has facilitated greater ownership of organizations priorities by staff and stakeholders. Sarah has also designed and facilitated quality improvement trainings that focused on both program and organizational aspects of quality.

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Caroline Nyakaisiki (BA) Photograph-edited 2

Caroline Nyakaisiki is the administration assistant for TA-NPI. She holds a diploma in education and a bachelors degree in guidance and counselling. Currently she is pursuing a masters degree in public administration at Uganda Management Institute.

Caroline has eight years of working experience, with multi-cultural national and international NGOs in the areas of administration and general office management, including human resource planning and management, communication, logistics, procurement, report writing, and records management. Her most recent posts have been with Action for Children and Care International in Uganda. In her free time, Caroline enjoys listening to music, watching documentaries, making new friends, and travelling.

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